Sherriff Medical Equipment & Supplies is a new company with 20 years experience. How is that possible you ask? Well, let me tell you a short story.

Dale Sherriff started his career in Healthcare in the fall of 2001 as a sale rep for one of the largest Home Healthcare stores in Alberta. He tripled their sales in under 3 years and he knew he had found an industry that let him help and serve others in a way he enjoyed. He was then approached with an opportunity to manage a store for one of the largest Home Healthcare chains in Canada. This gave him experience working with a large corporation and in his second year he won an award as one of their Top Ten Managers.

But even with these successes Dale knew he wanted to be out on the road as he loved the freedom to set his own schedule and the feeling of being in control of his own destiny. So he became a manufacturer’s sales rep for a few different medical equipment companies serving the home healthcare and hospital markets. This led to an opportunity to work for a Canadian medical wholesaler which was the new challenge he was looking for. Over the next 5 years he worked tirelessly to grow his contacts in the Hospital and Long Term Care markets but still kept in touch with the home healthcare owners and staff he’d built relationships with.

Then in 2019 Dale recognized that it was time for him to venture out on his own and Sherriff Medical was born. And not a moment too soon as several months later COVID-19 struck and demand was high for many medical products. Now Dale uses the contacts he’s made over the last 20 years to help the predominantly Canadian medical equipment manufacturers he represents promote their products to the Canadian market.

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“After spending over 20 Years in the healthcare equipment industry selling everything from van conversions to continence products, I decided it was time to start a medical equipment manufacturers agency so I could use the knowledge and experience I had gained to better serve the healthcare professionals I was dealing with. I was fortunate enough to find a few top quality Canadian manufacturers who were looking for representation in Western Canada. Now those few have turned into several and the territory keeps growing”.

–Dale Sherriff – CEO

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Our Manufacturers

Founded in 1993, Maple Leaf Wheelchair is a family-owned Canadian manufacturing company that specializes in mobility products such as manual wheelchairs, tilt and recline wheelchairs, commodes, and mobility seating products.

Jaide Products – Makers of “Roturner” – the safest Sit to Stand Transfer Aid!

Rob’s Walkers – “the Outdoors awaits you”

Explore the outdoors safely with this rollator with 16″ wheels that will let you go places you currently can’t with any other walker. Whether it’s time on the beach or around the farm, you’ll be free to go where you want! Free trials available.

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